Kids still love Costumes! No doubt about it, kids really love them at Halloween, but any time is a good time to wear a costume...for a kid.

Let your kids be kids and make you next birthday party a Costume party so all the kids can dress up and entertain themselves. Check out these truely wonderful Costumes:

Genie Costume for Boys

Arabian Nights Pants, A Flowing Cape and the all important Genie Hat. Put on the outfit and don't be surprised if a magic lamp doesn't magically appear.

Red and Blue in various sizes. $50

Genie Cape Only
In Red $25

Little Miss Fairy

Extraordinary Fairy Costume done in purple Netting with Gold $50

Little Miss Princess Costume

White Body Suit in Spandex. Skirt is done in Gold Flock on white netting with an elastic waist. Finish this off with the Magic Wand and matching Head Piece and you are going to catch the prince! $50

My Pretty Royal Elfin Girl

This beautiful Purple Lama Skirt features an elastic waist, Lavender Highlights and is embellished with a Lovely Purple flower.  Pretty as a picture and she will love it. $50

Made in the USA