Moonlight, Music & Flowers

This super soft Flannel pants mix superbly well with the Cotton Knit shirt. Beautiful colors, Colorful Graphics and best of all: Comfortable.

Designed for toddlers 18-24 months old.


Colorful MOO outfit

100% Cotton fabric with little cows and frillies is just adorable.

Preshrunk Cotton for comfort with no surprises after washing.

Perfect for you 18-24 month old to lounge around in.


Toaster, Bowls of Cereal & Alarm Clocks. Must be time to get up.

100% Preshrunk Cotton Knit. Snap Down Front and Elastic Waist.

Let your little one lounge around in comfort and style.

Size 2 only at this time.


Flaming Blue Lounge Pants

Blue with lots of orange & red flames

Size 4 only

Now Just $13.99


This is the Cat's meow
done in black flannel bottom with kittens of all colors .
The t shirt is emblished with the colorful Kittens
all in 100 Percent Cotton . and preshrunk.
               Now Just 25.00 Set.
Butterflys and flowers emblish this 100 percent cotton tshirt
the bottoms are butterflys and flowers printed on a very soft flannel .
these items are all 100% cotton and preshrunk 
             Now Just 25.00 Set
Made in the USA